Irish Wolfhound

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Members of IW breed clubs are welcome to place advertisements for their puppies on this site free of charge.All we would ask is that you meet the following criteria:

  1. This dogs used for breeding have tested clear of heart disease prior to mating.

  2. Be based in the UK or Ireland and a member of either the IW Club, the IW Society, IW Club of Northern Ireland or IW Club of Scotland and abide by the Code of Conduct of the Clubs.

  3. Email the Administrator of this site with the following information:

a) Please confirm that both sire and dam of the litter have current heart test certificates; when and where they were tested. If they were not tested under the Regional Heart Testing Scheme could you please send a copy of the test certificate you have been issued with.

b) Please confirm that puppies will be shunt tested prior to going to new homes.

c) Please provide details of the litter: Date of Birth / Sire Name / Dam Name / Number of Dogs and Bitches available / Colours / Whether the litter will be vaccinated/Microchipped include your name and contact details as breeder. You can list a price if you wish to. You can submit one picture to be included with the listing if you wish to.

Please be prepared and have copy heart certificates available for both the sire and the dam of the litter, and a copy of the clear test results for PSS for the puppies as puppy buyers are being encouraged to ask to see these.

There is no cost attached to placing your litter on this site, the main objective is to put people in touch with responsible breeders - if however you wished to make a donation for any successful enquiries, we would suggest the Irish Wolfhound Health Group.

This is a site for private breeders and does not accept applications from Commercial Breeders, whether Licenced or perceived, under any circumstances.

Please note that no more than two litters per year will be accepted on to this site from any one breeder or establishment.