Irish Wolfhound

Find Your Way To A Reputable Beeder......


The Breed Clubs keep lists of their Members who have puppies, email the secretary with your enquiry and they will be able to advise and guide you on what you should be looking for and the sort of questions you should be asking of a breeder.

Why not think about joining one of the clubs, be involved in the World of Wolfhounds, connected with other owners who are as mad about the breed as you are.....

Some of the benefits of belonging to a Breed Club are:

Fun Rallies and IW Activities for all owners of Wolfhounds

Magazines full of interesting articles and information on the breed.

Club run shows for those interested in having a bit of fun in that direction.

Early notification of seminars and Education days

There are four breed clubs to choose from, you can join one or all of them - most of us do......visit the websites and contact the secretary to get an application form.






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